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Why We Love Zwift

Why We Love Zwift

Making the recommendation for Zwift structured workouts.

Riding outdoors is coming up but before that really gets going full bore I have to give a shout out and recommendation for Zwift structured workouts. As a disclaimer, I have not done many 'workouts' on Zwift. I use races for my training(which can lead to lactic acid overload but that is another story). As part of the recent Zwift Academy, you were required to do several structured workouts to complete the series which were a bit of an eye opener for me. They were really good. I would recommend it for anyone looking for some specific, short intense indoor work in their training. Zwift has done a very nice job of offering free workouts on their platform(Free with monthly subscription to Zwift of course). The workouts I did were set up using my FTP as the parameter. This enables a very personal set of realistic wattage goals for each rider. Don't get me wrong, these types of workouts are not easy and can be boring, but Zwift has done a very nice job of personalizing them and making it so you keep riding with other riders. In other words you don't go ride off and suffer by yourself. It is also set in ERG mode which negates hills and descents and sets the resistance on your trainer at a constant level, which makes it easier to just concentrate on time and effort. If you want more this type of workout, there are a large selection to choose from including week long FTP builders, etc. Good stuff.
Coach Rick


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