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Is professional coaching right for me?

We find that many cyclists, from beginners to world class competitors, can benefit greatly professional feedback from a experienced coach. Whether your goals are to lose a few pounds, to improve your general health or to train for elite competitions, we can help.




First, we will listen carefully to your goals, schedule (time to train), budget and other constraints. The best plan will not be effective if it does not match your unique circumstances.


Next, we will discuss, critical aspects of a training plan designed to meet your objectives. We will provide an initial training schedule with specific workouts customized to meet your goals. We know the area well, including various group ride and training options (e.g. Gladwyne, PA hills).


Finally, we will provide and initial consultation on your equipment and bike set-up. Often, there are cost effective options that may dramatically improve your training, fitness and results. Additional services are provided on a per hour basis or through the coaching plans and options, below.



$100 per month


This plan is designed to be a cost effective option for the cyclist looking for professional coaching. It is much more affordable than any of the major coaching groups, yet customized to your goals. Importantly, we know the area well, including all the training and ride options. We can customize workouts in your area. We can help you target events that suit your objectives.


We will perform an extensive on bike analysis. We will carefully listen to your goals and your time constraints. We will perform testing of current fitness and can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses (power profile). Are you suited for the big climbs or a natural sprinter?


We will construct a specific training plan and schedule, using the best training software available (Training Peaks). We will provide feedback on workouts or on events, as needed. This basic plan provides up to two conversations, per month, with your experienced coach.



$150 per month


A comprehensive plan designed for cyclists that want extensive interaction with an experienced cycling coach. This plan includes creating, and adjusting a customized schedule utilizing the Training Peaks software.


Your coach will provide timely and helpful feedback on workouts and on races, as needed. We can help you target events that suit your goals, whether that is the local charity ride, or a World Championship.


While we are not licensed nutritionists, we can help with many of the techniques that we have learned to properly fuel for rides and to lose a few pounds. Often, small changes in the timing of nutrition can yield large performance gains. You will feel better and have more fun!


This plan includes unlimited interaction with your coach (within reason). We can discuss event preparation, tactics and goals. We can also provide some on bike training. That can involve improving skills (group riding, cornering) or helping you maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.



$200 per month




We will provide all of the services listed above; schedule, training plan and feedback. You will receive personal feedback, providing helpful and extensive analysis and feedback of what went well, and maybe not so well, at your event. This feedback is designed as a positive way to learn and improve.