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Tune Up Packages 

Minor Tune $50:

*Basic brake and front/rear derailleur
*Safety check of all nuts and bolts, tires,
and frame
*Adjust tire pressures
*No installation of parts. No wheel truing.

Level 1 Tune $80:

*Torque all bolts to spec
*Adjust Derailleur F&R
*Adjust Brake F&R
*Adjust Headset
*Light Clean
*Air Tires to rec'd PSI
*Lubricate chain/derailleur pivots

*Cost of parts additional
*Suspension service additional
*Hub service additional

Level 2 Tune $135: 

**Recommended Every 100 Hours**
*Brake Adjustments (All)
*Gear Adjustment (All)
*Wheel True F&R
*Drivetrain Clean (includes on - bike, off bike + $30)
*Lubricate chain/derailleur pivots
*Torque Safety Check Bolts (All)
*Air Tires to rec'd PSI

*Cost of parts and associated installation labor additional
*Suspension service additional
*Hub service additional

The Works $250:
  (complete bike overhaul)

Full bike disassembly, Frame cleaned and Polished

Individual Service Menu
(Parts Extra)



  • Install tire and tube $12
    (tube not included)


  • Rim brake adjustment $10
  • Disc brake adjustment $15
  • Hydraulic disc brake bleed and adjustment (per brake) $35
  • Replace brake pads (front or rear) $15

Bottom Bracket

  • Bottom Bracket adjustment. $25
  • Service/re-grease bottom bracket. $35


  • Adjust front or rear derailleur $15
  • Install chain $10
  • Install crankset $35
  • Install rear cassette $15

Front End

  • Wrap handlebar tape $20
  • Adjust/install stem $10


  • Adjust headset $15
  • Install headset $30
  • Cut steerer tube $20
  • Overhaul headset $25


  • Wheel True (Minor) $15
  • Wheel True (Major) $20
  • Wheel build $80
  • Glue Tubular Tire $70